How can I spy on my wife’s phone without her knowing?

June 1, 2010 · Posted in wife cheating 

Spying on a wife’s phone without her knowing is actually quite easy, and can be very very informative. Cell phone spying has many levels, depending on which method you choose. In most cases you can easily get details such as her location, her text messages (sent and received, even deleted ones), her contacts, her ingoing and outgoing calls etc. At the higher end of the scale you can listen in to her calls, listen in to the room she is in at the time by secretly ringing her phone and turning on the mic – hearing everything being said. Sound like something you might be interested in?

So, how to do it. Well, you need a few things.

You need brief access to her phone – you will have to install a bit of software which can only be done hands on. Dont worry, it is very easy to do and will be undetectable.

Obviously, you will need the software itself. There are many out there, some good, some better, some that are just scams (be warned). The software will cost you some money but I am sure you aint doing this for fun so you will either end up with peace of mind or proof of a cheating partner – either way it is win win.
the good news is that you can try one of the better softwares for free for 7 days, to satisfy yourself that it works.
Here is a link to the FREE download. Try it out. Once the 7 days are up you can buy it by signing up. The full version comes with Computer monitoring software as a bonus.

Good luck and good spying


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