Best Mobile phone spy software

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If you are planning to spy on a mobile phone/cellphone you are going to need some software. The question is which one do you choose? If you have been looking around the net you will have noticed that there are no shortage of devices/kits/software/companies promising you all sorts of amazing things. But which are true, which are best, and which should you avoid? Hopefully, the following article will help clear up a few things.

Of the products we have tested, 2 come out on top.

SPYERA SPY Phone GOLD Internet Edition


The first is a much more expensive product but features almost every concievable feature including remote listening, gps tracking, call listening, sim change notification, support for multiple devices. This is for the serious cellphone spy. A 10 day moneyback guarantee adds an extra touch of credibility, in my opinion. Personally, i like their site. It is simple but gives all the information you could want, including a very easy to browse list of compatible phones so you can check if yours is covered. They also list pre-sales questions from people asking about other phones with honest answers stating whether their software would work. Trust me, this honesty is not the norm as many of the scam sites promise that their gear works on all phones even though this is technically impossible. If you want to have a look at their products, click here

The second of my recommended cellphone spy tools is MOBILE SPY. This is a more lightweight option with less features but still packing a lot of punch. You dont get the more advanced remote listening features but you may not need them. If you can do without, this is a much better priced product with 3 month, six month, and 1 year subscriptions. Probably the best thing about this is that they offer a free 7 day trial so you can take it for a test run. Once your trial is up you will need to signup but even the full package (which includes computer monitoring software) is about $100.

These are my top recommendations at the time of writing. Both these products do work as advertised. They are genuine and they will allow you to spy on a cellphone. Check what type of phone the person uses and ensure that this is a compatible model.  Remember to read the FAQs etc before buying, satisfy yourself that whichever product you choose has the features you need. Remember also that you will need access to the target phone for a few minutes to install the software the first time. You cannot install any spy software remotely – do not believe any site that tells you otherwise.

I hope that this has been some help. If you choose either of these be sure to comeback here and let us know how you got on.

How can I spy on my wife’s phone without her knowing?

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Spying on a wife’s phone without her knowing is actually quite easy, and can be very very informative. Cell phone spying has many levels, depending on which method you choose. In most cases you can easily get details such as her location, her text messages (sent and received, even deleted ones), her contacts, her ingoing and outgoing calls etc. At the higher end of the scale you can listen in to her calls, listen in to the room she is in at the time by secretly ringing her phone and turning on the mic – hearing everything being said. Sound like something you might be interested in?

So, how to do it. Well, you need a few things.

You need brief access to her phone – you will have to install a bit of software which can only be done hands on. Dont worry, it is very easy to do and will be undetectable.

Obviously, you will need the software itself. There are many out there, some good, some better, some that are just scams (be warned). The software will cost you some money but I am sure you aint doing this for fun so you will either end up with peace of mind or proof of a cheating partner – either way it is win win.
the good news is that you can try one of the better softwares for free for 7 days, to satisfy yourself that it works.
Here is a link to the FREE download. Try it out. Once the 7 days are up you can buy it by signing up. The full version comes with Computer monitoring software as a bonus.

Good luck and good spying

spy on a celphone FREE

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The Big question – Can you spy on someone’s cellphone for FREE? If you have been looking at ways to spy on a cellphone you have probably noticed that some of the software out there is far from cheap. But is there a FREE alternative?

Well, In my constant search I may just have found an amazing option. The company that makes Mobile Spy has made a FREE trial version of their spy software available here for you to try out for 7 days. The best thing is that this is an unrestricted trial, giving you the full version to show you what it can do.

I cannot emphasise how amazing this is and how stunned I was when I found it. I ended up buying it, mainly because it can track multiple cell phones at a time. Get the FREE trial here. Once you have tried it and know just what it can do, you can buy the product. Lets face it, you would be very very lucky to get any definitive evidence in 7 days but you will know what can be achieved and that the product works as advertised.

Make sure to get back to me and let me know how you get on.

Warning! Beware Cellphone spy software scams.

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Be very very careful when choosing a program to spy on a cell phone. There are a number of scams out there, and that number is growing every day.
At present, there are a few high profile websites advertising cellphone spy software that simply DO NOT WORK. They will take your money, give you a download and let you spend hours and days fruitlessly trying to get the thing to work as advertised. Be warned, it will not work, however long you try to make it. You will not get a refund!
The following sites/companies/software should be avoided unless you simply want to throw your money away.

E-stealth, E-Stealth’s Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy, Bluestealth, Ultimate Mobile Spy, eStealth, SpyMasterTools, CellSpyPro, phonestealth, bigdaddyspy.
Most are basically versions of the same company/software.
You have been warned.
These promise to work on any phone and many of the sites state that you dont have to have direct access to the target phone – this is outright fantasy. Many people are getting ripped off – you can find their stories all over the internet, and they aint happy.

As a general rule, avoid the softwares that are based on bluetooth – they will not do what you want.
There are legitimate softwares available that will effectively monitor mobile phones, just be careful when choosing.
So, how do you know which companies you CAN TRUST.
Well, I found this one that actually offer a FREE TRIAL of their software. You can try it for 7 days to satisfy yoursel that it will do what you want it to. The product is called Mobile Spy and I sugggest you try it NOW before they take away the trial.

Should I spy on her computer OR her phone?

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I get asked this a lot and the answer very much depends on the person you are spying on. Ideally you would do both but sometimes that is not practical, or even possible. If one, i.e. the computer is a shared one she may not use that to cheat on you – for fear of being caught, in which case spying on that will yield you nothing.

An interesting comment I got from a guy via email a while back said that her told her that in order to reduce monthly bills he wanted to cut their cellphone or internet bills. His wife’s response was that she could not go without her cell – so he bugged that and found out that she was cheating, with 3 different guys.

If she shows a higher degree of secrecy when using either the computer or the cellphone then that may be an indicator.
Does she hesitate if you ask to use either? – always a warning sign.
Has she bought a new phone or computer recently – just for her, or so she doesn’t have to interrupt you? Alarm bells
Has her usage of either increased a lot recently? – and is she constantly using different excuses to explain this?

If you can identify which is her most likely means of betrayal you know what to do.

One obvious factor to consider is that bugging a mobile phone can be considerably more expensive than bugging a computer.  Computer packages can be as low as $50, cell phone spy software can range from $99 to $999. However, the cell phone gear can deliver gps location tracking, let you turn her phone into a remote microphone so you can hear everything going on in the room – even when her phone is turned off, plus if she uses her phone to access internet it might be an all-in-one solution for you.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Feel free to drop me an email if you want any advice on the matter. Good Luck and good hunting.

Best computer monitoring software

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Which software is best for secretly monitoring a cheating partner’s computer? If you have done any research on this you will know that there is a lot of stuff out there, each promising different results and boasting different features. It can be very confusing. I know, I have been there – and I am an IT consultant so I can only imagine what it must be like for someone not very ‘computer savvy’.

Here are some hints and tips that I hope will help.

Things to look out for…

Stealth mode – this basically refers to the software program’s ability to run undetected on the target computer. In stealth mode there are no icons or indications that the software is even installed. The person using the computer is unaware that anything is monitoring their activity. This is an absolute must in any software designed to catch a cheating wife. If she knows, or even suspects that she is being watched you will get nothing – except maybe a lot of trouble. Make sure that stealth mode is at very least an option if not the only option when choosing your computer spy program to catch your cheating wife.

I can recommend the SPY ERA package from spytech. It offers  just about every spy feature and is really well priced. It even has a trial download. Check it out here

Compatability - always check that a program is capable of running on the type of computer you intend to install it on. If it is a Windows computer, check which version i.e. Windows Xp, Windows Vista. Check that the program you buy will install on that system. If it is a Macintosh computer, check that the program will work on a Mac. NOTE: the same program will never work on both Windows and Mac, these are very different systems!

Feature list - Look for more than just keylogging. Keylogging is the process of recording what is typed on a keyboard. While it is useful, you should be able to get more than just this. You want to know what was send to her as well. You want screenshots, webcam images, chat recording – what the other person said as well as her, email data, websites visited, and addresses of contacts she communicates with. Plus, you need to be able to access this data from anywhere. Having to check her computer defeats the purpose.

Antivirus friendly – Check that the computer monitoring program you are buying will not be red-flagged by any anti-virus software. If not, she will get suspicious or the program will be destroyed or disabled.

Of the computer spy software packages available, I recommend the following : SPY ERA package from spytech. It offers  just about every spy feature and is really well priced. It even has a trial download so you can evaluate it before purchase. Check it out here. Dont forget to let me know how you get on.

How to spy on a cheating wife’s computer

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Secretly monitoring a cheating wife’s computer is something that can be done quite easily, but should not be done lightly. If caught, the invasion of privacy will never be forgotten – or forgiven. Be sure you have more than adequate grounds for going down this road.
Remember, people use their computers today for all types of things – work, games, email, Internet, task scheduling and so much more. You may be only looking for evidence of cheating but you may have to read through her personal diary, emails to friends/family, work related issues etc. You may even find that she is secretly planning a birthday party for you – how f***ing bad are you going to feel then?
BUT, if you do still want to know how to spy on a cheating wife’s computer – read on.

The first thing that you need is a piece of software that secretly hides on her computer, undetected, and monitors everything that she does. This program then sends the results (her emails, webpages she visits, her passwords, her chatroom conversations, even shots from her webcam, her contacts, and everything she types on the keyboard) to you so you can access it from another computer. There are lots of them out there – some good, some very good, and some really worth avoiding.
Once you have the software, you will have to install it on her computer. There is no remote way of doing this the first time – you will have to get access to her computer for a brief period of time at first. If you cant get access to her computer, buy her a new one as a gift and have the computer spy software installed before you give it to her – just tell her you paid to get it all setup for her. Once installed and configured, you are good to go. Everything can be done remotely from now on.
So, what software do you need to spy on a wife’s computer?

There are many options out there – some offering more advanced features than others, some more basic (like keyloggers ) – which simply record whatever is typed on a keyboard, and a whole lot that promise the World but deliver nothing (Be Warned!). Choose carefully, you could very well get caught.

How to choose a Computer spy program
Here are some hints and tips for choosing a computer spy software program…
Make sure it is compitable with her computer.
Is she using a PC or a Mac? These same spy program will not work on both. You must check the system requirements before you buy.
What Operating System does the computer have? It is easy to check this. It could be XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Leopard, Tiger, Panther.
Does she have a Security program Installed i.e. Antivirus, Antispyware, Internet security. If so check which one and make sure that the Computer spy software you choose will not be detected by it.

Once you know these few things you can narrow down the list of potential computer monitoring softwares available to you.

Next you need to decide what features you want. Basically, decide how much you want to know about what she is doing on her computer. Is it enough to read her emails? Do you also want to read her live chats? Do you want to see what her webcam sees (live or via recorded snapshots)? Do you want to be able to listen in via her Microphone? Do you want remote access to watch her activity live or just get copies of activity sent to you?
The more features you want, the more it is likely to cost you but the good thing is that even the most advanced ones dont actually cost that much. Spying on a computer is cheaper than spying on a cell phone. Even the very best programs are very cheap, especially when you consider what they deliver.
Warning – stay away from FREE programs, there is always a catch, flaw, or hidden cost. They are of inferior quality and will let you down, and drop you in it. You do not want to get caught doing this, you will not get a second chance. You do not want your wife to discover that you have installed some low grade pseudo spy stuff on her computer. Free computer spy programs are usually so out of date and poorly designed that the most basic antivirus will detect them and she will know what you did.

Once downloaded, install the software on her computer. It is really easy, anyone can do it. She will never know it is there – as long as you have chosen one of the good ones of course!

Thats it. Thats all there is to it. I will be adding a list of my top recommended computer spy programes very soon. If you want this list before then, post a comment below or drop me an email via the contact page with your details and I will help you out.

Depending on which software package you chose, you will now be able to do some or all of the following….

  • See and record everything she types on the keyboard
  • View everything she sees on screen.
  • View everything she does on the webcam
  • See and record every website she visits
  • View and record everything she types in online chats, and everything that is typed back
  • Receive a copy of every email she sends and receives.
  • Take screenshots of her every activity – is great for  when you confront her. Trust me.

AND, you can do all this from anywhere, from work, even from abroad. Good luck and good hunting.

How to bug a cheating wife’s cell phone

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Secretly spying on your cheating wife’s cell phone is easy. It can also yield some amazing results. Here is how you do it.

First of all you need to download a piece of software. This has to be installed on the ‘Target phone’ so that you intend to spy on. It is not difficult to do so dont be nervous. But, you must have access, if only briefly, to the target phone. You cannot accomplish this remotely or via Bluetooth – do not believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise or sell you something on that promise.

Stay very clear of any software that promises to work on ALL PHONES. This is simply not possible, many older phones do not have compatible operating systems for proper spy software to work.
UPDATE The company Mobile Spy has made a totally FREE TRIAL of their mobile phone spy software available here, I suggest you get your hands on this now as this is unprecedented. Hopefully this offer will last.
One thing to be aware of when planning to spy on a cheating wife’s cell phone is that it is typically more expensive than spying on her computer. It does have benefits over computer surveillance though i.e. you can get gps location tracking, remote listening, retrieval of deleted messages, AND it is often easier to remain undetected as many people are not even aware that you can spy on as cell phone.

Download the free trial of Mobile Spy here

Install it on her phone. This is easy and takes no time to do. Anyone can do it. Make sure her phone is one of the compataible models. You will need Internet access on her phone to download and install it the first time.

Sit back and enjoy. You will now be ably to login to their Control panel and track her cell phone usage…

Hope it works out for you. Please let us know how you get on.

Thats it. Thats all there is to it. I wish you good luck and good hunting.

Is my wife cheating? – NOT ANYMORE!

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Is my wife cheating? I asked myself one day. I had my suspicions but had no proof so I resolved to find out, for sure. Within just over one week I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she was banging some guy she knew from school days, she was also hitting the dating sites looking for more fun.
I listened in to her cell phone calls and read her texts, I also read every email she sent and received. I knew everything she was getting up to. I confronted her, and threw her lying cheating ass out on the street. It wasn’t easy finding out the truth, but it was easy to find it.
I am now a free man. I have moved on and when I think back on the stress I went through during those times where I just wasnt sure if something was going on, I still get annoyed – mostly with myself. Am I glad I did it, hell yes. Would I be as glad if it turned out she wasnt cheating? I think so, because the stress was driving me nuts. It was affecting my personality and my behaviour and if things had stayed the same the relationship would have deteriorated anyway.
I started writing this blog to share some experiences and thoughts but it has started growing into a site about spying on, and catching, cheating partners. I hope you find something useful in the posts on this Blog. If there are posts you would like to comment on, please feel free to do so – no spam.

How easy is it to catch a cheating wife?

The answer is, very easy. Very easy indeed. In fact, it is ridiculously easy to catch a cheating wife, girlfriend, fiancee, partner, or spouse. Here is how I did it.
I considered that my options were among the following…

  • Hire a private detective
  • Follow her
  • Get other people (friends/family) to keep an eye on her.
  • Confront her and ask her outright.
  • Bug her communications(cell/computer)

I discounted the first, basically due to a lack of trust in a profession that people can enter after doing a weekend or correspondence course. I know there are many good ones out there but I wasnt prepared to waste my time and money trawling through the many hundreds touting their services.

I decided against following her cause I simply did not want to arouse suspicion. I honestly didnt think I would be any good. Besides which, was I likely to catch her blowing someone in open air? I think not.

I wasnt going to get anyone else involved. I didnt know who I could trust anyway, plus I did not want to look like a fool.

Confronting her was also not an option as far as I was concerned. I had nothing, no proof, no evidence. All I had was suspicion and a burning gnawing in my gut. Her denial was not going to make that go away.

That left me with the bug option, which is the one I went for. As it turned out, it got me everything I wanted, and a whole lot more. So I did the following 2 things (click on either to read the article)

1 Bugged her cell phone

2 Bugged her Computer

Thats it. Thats all there is to it. Thats all I did and all you will ever need to do to catch a cheating partner.

Don’t waste your time looking for subtle signs, changes in behaviour, or trying to interpret things she says or does. In situations like this you need proof, concrete proof, not suspicion.

A well placed bug will tell you everything you need to know, and probably quite a few things you maybe didn’t want to know.

Be warned though, do not go ahead with any of these methods if you are not completely ready for what you might find out. Not everybody is ready to know the truth. These things work, they work extremely well. You may be very shocked to find out exactly what has been going on behind your back. Take some time and ask yourself if you really are ready to find out if your wife is cheating.

Want to know more? You sure? Ok, here goes…


How to bug her phone

How to bug her computer

My wife is cheating on me – the signs that should cause suspicion!

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As you are reading this you undoubtedly have suspicions about your wife and you have been asking yourself that magic question ‘is my wife cheating on me‘? Maybe there are specific reasons that you suspect her of cheating or maybe it is a hunch or just a gut feeling. You also have a whole lot of doubts – unsure whether you are right or wrong and whether you are just being crazy. I have been there and know how it feels.

There are some things that you can look out for, things that may indicate whether or not you have a ‘cheating wife’ doing things behind your back.

Check out the signs and signals I have listed below but remember these are not definitive, nor will they deliver any concrete proof or evidence. the best I can say is that if you see absolutely no signs of any of the indicators the chances are that you do not have a cheating wife. If you see only some of the signs of a cheating wife tread with caution. It proves only that you should investigate further. Hope this helps and be sure to let me know whenever your get the answer to ‘Is my wife cheating on me’?

1- Becomes less dependant on you

Suddenly doing things herself that she used always ask you to do with her including going places and getting things done. Is someone else doing them for her/with her?

2- Not bothered by your mistakes or by you letting her down

Remember all the ways you used to enrage her? Being late, forgetting to do things, calling friends and family. Remember how angry she used get? Maybe she doesn’t care anymore, maybe they/you don’t matter as much now

3- Hiding, whispering, sneaking.

Remember how she used to tell you everything she did during every minute of the day? Remember how she used answer the phone and talk right there in front of you – even if you were watching TV? Remember how she used show you EVERY text message?

4- Avoids and dodges questions, even simple ones.

What did you get up to today? Who did you meet for lunch? Was the traffic heavy – you are later than usual? Her answer is now either evasive, very brief and lacking in any detail, or the question gets turned back on you instead of being answered.

5- Guilty kindness

Unwaranted gifts, presents, suggestions for you to go out more etc – all out of the blue. Offering to do things for you that are not in her nature.

6-Sexual Strangeness

Noticeable change in sexual behaviour, particularly in technique. Unless she is doing things to get a disinterested you interested again be on the lookout for changes in the bedroom.

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